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What is Personal is Most General

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What is Personal is Most General

In 2019 the Louisiana-Mississippi ACBS chapter threw a very special conference to honor the retirement of one of ACT’s founders, Kelly Wilson, PhD. Kelly Wilson is known for his ability to connect deeply to his students, colleagues, and clients. Be present for the Kelly Wilson’s “Last Lecture” as he retired from academia to take on new avenues of influencing the field. Hear him speak from the heart about his path out of self-destruction towards purpose, meaning, and behavior analytic ways of moving these important behaviors in others. Kelly speaks passionately about the use of hermeneutics (interpretation) of one’s own responses as data that can inform functional analysis of the on-going therapeutic moment. This talk was filmed as a part of the Louisiana Mississippi ACBS Chapter retirement conference for Kelly Wilson. Dr. Wilson has graciously donated his work for free viewing (without CEU credit). CEU credit proceeds go, in part, to the Louisiana -Mississippi ACBS Chapter.

60 min.


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