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Michel Reyes, PhD

Psychologist & Professor

Michel A. Reyes Ortega, PhDteaches DBT and ACT as a clinical professor at Mexico National Autonomous University School of Medicine and is an invited professor at other Universities in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Spain. As a consultant, he has assisted in the development of two public sector outpatient clinics for persons with severe emotion dysregulation and coordinated the implementation of a DBT based program in 52 schools in Guadalajara Jalisco. He is co-founder of Mexico CBS & Therapy Institute where he coordinates an outpatient DBT program. Michel has published four books in Spanish, two manuals on emotion regulation, another on Functional Analytic Psychotherapy, and co-authored a manual on ACT for grief-related problems. His work distinguishes by taking a CBS perspective on emotion regulation processes and transdiagnostic approaches to psychological treatment.


  • Emotion dysregulation

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