by Angela Cathey, MA, LPC (Owner, & Evolve, by ENSO Group)

Behavior-Behavior was founded as a part of a movement to strengthen the roots of our science and practice as behavioral scientists and practitioners.

As a field, we have moved too far under the conditions that influence our training and funding as researchers and practitioners. Training programs more and more spend significant time training their students on particular treatment protocols and their components, without spending adequate time teaching students what drives these protocols – the principles, methodology, and contingencies that move our field.

As practitioners and researchers, it becomes our responsibility to obtain a deeper level of skill and to do so in environments that don’t typically support the time and cost needed to keep abreast of important developments in our field.

Behavior-Behavior is an effort to make strengthening and deepening your practice based on principles and the latest research more workable for practicing clinicians and researchers. We offer news, practice tools, online training, and consultation for the discriminating clinician and researcher.

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